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Global water FL16 flow loggers from Hydroterra

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Global water FL16 flow loggers from HydroTerra are the ideal tools for inflow and infiltration studies, stormwater and wastewater collection systems.  The FL16 water flow loggers will record over 81,000 depth, temperature, water flow and velocity readings in sewer and drainage pipes, as well as other open channel applications. The non-fouling water level sensor works in depths as little as ½” and allows for deployment in manholes and other difficult to access areas without the need to enter the confined space.

Features of the water FL16 flow loggers include:

  • The vented water flow sensor on the flow loggers is fully encapsulated with marine grade epoxy and the electronics are encapsulated preventing moisture ingress
  • FL16 Water flow logger’s user-friendly Windows-based software is tailored specifically for calculating water flows in partially filled sewer and drainage pipes using the Manning’s Equation
  • The water flow logger software has a unique calibration feature which allows users to view calculated water velocity, compare this to actual measured data, and adjust the water flow parameters to calibrate for the water flow conditions of a specific application
  • The flow loggers operate on two standard 9 volt batteries which are monitored
  • A third onboard lithium battery on the flow loggers serves to ensure data is backed up
  • USB or serial connections are available on water flow loggers

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