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GL500 Multichannel Dataloggers from Hydroterra

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GL500 Global multichannel dataloggers are the latest addition to a line of rugged remote recording instrumentation products available from HydroTerra Pty Ltd .  

The multichannel dataloggers feature 7 analogue channels and 2 digital channels for remote data recording. The GL500 can record over 40,000 readings and has four unique recording options: fast (10 samples per second), programmable interval (1 second to multiple years), logarithmic and exception.  

The multichannel dataloggers also feature a sample on demand input that triggers a recording of special events such as when a water sampler was triggered or when a door was opened.  

Key features of GL500 multichannel dataloggers:

  • Daily start and stop alarm times that can be programmed to limit recording intervals during a day
  • Windows and PDA software allowing easy upload of data to a laptop, desktop or PDA for transfer to a spreadsheet program
  • Accepts any 4-20 mA sensor
  • Provides switched power to the sensors based on the sample interval and sensor warm-up time settings
  • 2-wire and 3-wire sensors can be quickly connected to the datalogger's terminal strip and calibrated via the Global datalogger software
  • Sensors can be accessed through dial-out to a remote modem attached to the GL500’s serial communication port
  • Optional rugged, lockable, vandal-resistant and weather-resistant enclosure for the data recorder

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