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D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors from HydroTerra

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Global Water’s D-Opto optical dissolved oxygen sensors are now available from HydroTerra Pty Ltd .  

D-Opto optical dissolved oxygen sensors are designed to provide long-term, accurate and reliable dissolved oxygen or DO measurements in a variety of liquids.  

Developed to meet the demanding requirements of the environmental monitoring and scientific research sectors, D-Opto optical DO sensors have also been used successfully in the wastewater industry for over 10 years.  

The D-Opto uses field-proven solid state optical sensing technology that is highly stable over long periods of time even in harsh conditions.  

The D-Opto has extremely low power requirements. The standard version outputs data in SDI-12 format, while the D-Opto 420 version includes a converter for 4-20 mA output.  

How it Works  

A sensing element in the D-Opto optical dissolved oxygen sensors uses fluorescence to measure DO, providing accurate measurements over long periods of time without any need for recalibration.  

The sensing element consists of a fluorescing compound suspended stably in a robust optical window. A light source briefly pulses the optical window at a controlled wavelength. The light excites the fluorescent material, causing the material to emit a specific wavelength of light.  

The intensity of this light corresponds to the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water that comes in contact with the optical window. A highly stable and accurate optical sensor circuit inside the D-Opto measures the emitted fluorescence.  

Key advantages of D-Opto optical dissolved oxygen sensors 

  • Unlike conventional sensors, the D-Opto does not have consumable components that require replacement, thereby minimising servicing requirements
  • Extremely stable electronics in the D-Opto optical dissolved oxygen sensors requires calibration only once a year
  • D-Opto does not consume oxygen and is not affected by water flow
  • Construction makes it resistant to pollutants and poisons
  • Highly resilient to bio-fouling with copper anti-biofoul ring
  • Can be deployed in a variety of conditions including stagnate groundwater bores  


The D-Opto is used for dissolved oxygen monitoring in almost any liquid including water, wines, beer and milk. The unit’s measurements are not affected by colour of the liquid, bubbles, aeration, pollutants or stagnancy.  

Capable D-OptoCom Software  

Window’s-based software, D-OptoCom supplied with D-Opto has the following capabilities:

  • Displays current measurements of percent saturation, ppm and temperature
  • Enables offset and span calibration to be performed quickly and simply
  • Allows data from the D-Opto to be logged directly to the PC
  • Features a barometric pressure and altitude correction calculator

Datalogging, Control and Display  

Global Water’s GL500 dataloggers add recording capabilities to the 4-20 mA D-Opto optical dissolved oxygen sensors.  

Global Water’s PC300 process controller can use the 4-20 mA D-Opto to control pumps or alarms.  

The EZ100 display provides an LCD readout display for both portable use and permanent installation.

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