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AquiStar CT2X Submersible Conductivity/ Temperature Smart Sensors from HydroTerra

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The AquiStar CT2X is a submersible conductivity/ temperature sensor from HydroTerra Pty Ltd .

Featuring built-in datalogging features, these submersible conductivity sensors and temperature sensors are low power consumption devices that can store over 100,000 records of conductivity, temperature and time data.  

Key features of AquiStar CT2X submersible conductivity/ temperature sensors

  • Easy-to-use Windows-based Aqua4Plus software offering extensive user control:
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Flexible programming
    • Easy field calibration
    • Tabular and graphic data displays
  • Also available with a pressure/temperature module, giving added functionality in the same sensor housing
  • Incorporates 4-pole electrode cell measurement technology to reduce fringe field interference errors, lessen inaccuracy caused by polarisation effects and lower contact resistance problems
  • 4-pole electrode technology also allows users to work with one electrode over a wide range of conductivity
  • Conductivity probe is constructed of epoxy/graphite, making it extremely durable for use in rugged field conditions
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


CT2X submersible conductivity/ temperature sensors are powered internally with two AA alkaline batteries or with an external auxiliary power supply for data intensive applications.  

The submersible conductivity/ temperature sensor device offers easy, one-point calibration. The probe is put in the desired standard, and the built-in field calibration utility is used to adjust to the correct conductivity output.

Linear and non-linear temperature compensation features add flexibility to the smart sensors. The user can enter specific linear temperature coefficients to match the material being sampled.  

Alternately, for natural waters, which do not have linear temperature coefficients, the CT2X has a non-linear natural water mode meeting DIN EN 27888 standards.

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