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The service life costs of Gorman-Rupp self primer pumps

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Gorman-Rupp self primer pumps are now available from Hydro Innovations . It is important to consider the lifecycle cost of a pump station before making a purchase. Things to consider are:

Energy costs -  In the case of Gorman-Rupp self primers the incidence of choking on stringy materials doesn’t increase because of wearing. This, combined with Gorman-Rupp’s new “self cleaning wear plate” technology, ensures choking at Gorman-Rupp stations is virtually non-existent. As well as this, Gorman-Rupp wearing parts (wear plates) do not have to be replaced until a full 6mm of metal has worn away.

Maintenance costs - Gorman-Rupp self primer pumps are easy and cheap to maintain. There are no confined spaces regulations to comply with, less hazards to allow for, and little to no lifting equipment needed.

Inventory carrying costs - Gorman-Rupp pump stations are capable of handling 99% of the duties of a “standard” pump station with only 8 models of pump.

Replacement costs - Gorman-Rupp pumps only use standard TEFC motors which can be purchased from dozens if not hundreds of suppliers in a most competitive field. And, because they are belt driven, pullies and belts on Gorman-Rupp self priming pumps can be very easily and inexpensively changed to increase the speed to achieve the newly calculated duty point.

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