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The Ragazzini Rotho MS0 is a positive displacement peristaltic [hose] pump with a “roller on bearings” design so that the pump housing does not need to be filled with lubrication fluid. The pump is self priming, seal-less, can run dry without damage, and apart from the flanges, only one part comes in contact with the pumped fluid.

The MS0 is self priming and widely used in water and waste water treatment, the food and beverage industry, chemical industry as well as construction, paper, ceramic, paints, inks, mining and marine industries.

MS0 Rotho pumps are available with a wide variety of hose options to suit abrasive and/or corrosive applications and are also available with food grade hoses capable of being sterilized with hot water [to 70o] and/or steam [to 120o]. A leak detector is standard equipment to provide early indication of hose failure. This is a float type sensor that is located at the lowest point in the pump. Because the pump casing is not filled with lubricating fluid and the speed of the leak detector, contamination is and product loss is greatly minimised.

The MS0 is the perfect pump for clean in place [CIP] or sanitise in place [SIP] applications when fitted with the optional “retractable roller”. With this system, one of the rollers can be retracted via an over-centre rapid release cam and lever system. This now enables full flow of a flushing/cleaning/sanitising fluid through the hose. This new positioning system is essential for fully automated foodstuff handling applications that require regular cleaning and sterilisation of all the components in contact with the product.

The MS0 can deliver up to 75 litres per minute [lpm] on intermittent applications or up to 20 lpm for heavy duty 24/7 operations. Pressures to 15 bar can be achieved and solid particles up to 17mm diameter can be passed through the pump. It can also be run in reverse, making it ideal for tank emptying and filling operations.

Within the full Ragazzini range, flows as low as 0.2 litres per hour [lph] can be achieved as well as flows as high as 180,000 lph.

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