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Gorman-Rupp self priming pumps - reducing the carbon footprint

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Gorman-Rupp self priming pumps from Hydro Innovations can help to improve energy use and hence reduce carbon production. They bring all the elements of a good sewage pump together.

Carbon is produced whenever a crew jumps into the truck to go to site, whenever the pumps are energised and running, whenever personnel or additional personnel are required to perform functions at the stations. Whenever anything is consumed, energy is required to replace the items consumed. Additional carbon is produced if efficiencies are lost or if more activity is necessary at pumping stations than should otherwise be the case.

If pumps are selected just on efficiency, a full time operator would be needed at each just to remove the chokes. Clearly, a good sewage pump must be selected based on its capacity to handle unscreened sewage and the ease of un-blocking when occasional chokes do occur. “Wire to water” efficiency comes somewhere way after that for importance.

The keeping clearances at peak efficiency on Gorman-Rupp Ultra V self priming pumps help to make them environmentally friendly: 

  1. Only one operator is needed. 
  2. The self priming pumps are high and dry above the wet well, so no lids or safety screen need to be opened.
  3. The operator takes a gauge reading and notices that performance is down slightly. 
  4. With 2 small spanners, the operator adjusts the clearances without disconnecting piping or driver and without opening the self priming pump. It is all done in less than 5 minutes from the outside of the pump - without a drop of sewage in sight.

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