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Gorman-Rupp self priming centrifugal pumps offer easy maintenance

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If something is easy to do, it is more likely to be done. This could not be more true than in the case of maintaining Gorman-Rupp self primer centrifugal pumps, from Hydro Innovations .

Let’s look at clearance adjustment, from a cost perspective. Clearance adjustments on a Gorman-Rupp sewage pumps are easy to do. If gauge readings suggest the centrifugal pump is under-performing, the operator simply adjusts the clearance by “10 Thou” (0.25mm). It’s very simple: 

  1. One person, armed with two spanners, isolates the power to the pump to be adjusted. 
  2. They then unscrew the bolts that hold the locking collars. 
  3. They then pull the collar out, rotate it by two notches, slip it back on, then rotate it back to line up with the locking bolt.
Do this with all 4 collars and you have just adjusted the centrifugal pump’s internal impeller/wear plate clearance by the required amount.

Detecting Problems in Gorman-Rupp self primer centrifugal pumps:

Preventative maintenance is one of the best investments an equipment manager can make. The problem is that everyone is so stretched that this is one of the first things cut when budgets get tight.

Having said that, Gorman-Rupp self priming pumps take very little time to maintain, and they are so easy to monitor. Because they are located high and dry above the wet well, and in a ventilated building with plenty of lighting, checking gauges, oil levels, oil clarity and generally looking for things like leaks, is quick and easy. Strange noises indicating hydraulic problems (vortexing or cavitation) can also be easily heard.

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