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Cairns Regional Council Improves Wastewater Systems with Hydro Innovations

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Cairns Regional Council (CRC) has partnered with Hydro Innovations to improve their wastewater systems, especially in cyclone prone areas. The Cairns Regional Council has to ensure that the equipment is always operational, even in the face of adverse conditions, in order to prevent public health and environmental disasters.

“Experience has taught us that during extreme weather conditions and in emergencies not all your equipment may perform the way you would expect. So it's important to try to implement mechanisms that will help safeguard against poor performance and make a system as failsafe as possible,” explained Grahame Dunstan, Co-ordinator for Wastewater Services for CRC.

Dunstan had to find a solution that ensured the CRC’s wastewater services, in the greater Cairns area, remained operational and effective during tropical storms and in emergency situations. The council currently has numerous emergency generators to help maintain wastewater services ine the event of power loss.

“Our generators are not always one hundred percent reliable. We have had situations where an emergency generator has failed to kick in when it was most needed. So for us, generators can be a liability in an emergency,” says Dunstan.

Through numerous researches, Dunstan approached Hydro Innovations and their range of Gorman-Rupp emergency stand-by pumps. Hydro Innovations installed the Gorman-Rupp V6-SCP, an above ground, self priming, centrifugal, diesel pump with an auto-start.

The Gorman-Rupp V6-SCP offers superior solids-handling and increased pressure capabilities. The V6 were fitted with a standard, patented, self cleaning wear plate system, which enabled the sewage pumps to handle stringy materials and rags that would cause blockage.Ever since the installation of the Gorman-Rupp V6-SCP, Dunstan and his team had witnessed the self priming pumps excellent performance in emergency conditions.

“During Cyclone Yasi, we had to make use of the pump and it performed outstandingly. It kicked in straight away and did what it was meant to effectively,” says Dunstan.

“The V6 pump has helped reinforce the operational capability and efficiency of our wastewater system during an emergency situation. It's reassuring to know that we have the V6 in place.”

“Choosing to partner with Hydro Innovations was also the right decision. They grasped what was required immediately, have a very good understanding of their products and their backup service has been excellent.”

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