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Membrane filtration technology and water minimisation service from Hydro-Chem

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Hydro-Chem  guides its clients on issues such as water minimisation. Water conservation issues are consciously addressed to and many water management programs have been developed by Hydro-Chem so as to guide the clients. The water management programs are developed in custom-made forms in order to match individual client needs. Various issues such as quality of make-up of water and different uses of water on site and so on are taken into consideration before the program is developed.

The water conservation program conducted for the benefit of the clients by Hydro-Chem is designed for both industrial and commercial sectors. The program broadly includes providing innovative solutions, ongoing monitoring, and water use audit, a comprehensive product range, technologically advanced equipment, and so on.

Hydro-Chem offers membrane filtration technology, which has been developed for purifying water for specialised applications and also for wastewater treatment for reuse or other such similar applications. The membrane filtration systems offered by Hydro-Chem requires less capital and running costs and the company also strives to offer quality services to its clients.

Hydro-Chem offers other services such as risk management consulting, Legionella risk management as well.

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