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Industrial chemical cleaning services and wastewater treatment from Hydro-Chem

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Hydro-Chem  has over 30 year of experience in providing wastewater treatment to its customers. It has a wide experience in managing and designing wastewater treatment plants. The treatment programs offered by Hydro-Chem use specialty chemical for areas which include promoting water savings and recycling, improving safe chemical handling, improving wastewater quality, removing pollutants and so on.

Hydro-Chem offers a wide range of wastewater treatment services. It can optimise and design a wastewater treatment plant, conduct full biological and chemical analysis of the wastewater stream, monitor compliance of the treatment program, conduct health, safety and environmental risk assessments, assess wastewater management requirements and so on. the wastewater treatment program offered by Hydro-Chem can be used for application in oil control, sludge dewatering, color removal, foam control, water reuse, odor control, metals removal and effluent clarification purposes.

Hydro-Chem offers industrial chemical cleaning services for various industries. The air conditioning sector is provided with services like de-scaling contaminated refrigerant vessels and condensers. Service such as heating, cleaning and boiler cleaning are also offered by Hydro-Chem.

Hydro-Chem offers corrosion removal, paint equipment cleaning and fouled pipe work services to the automotive industry.

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