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Boiler water treatment and servicing of cooling tower systems from Hydro-Chem

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Incorporated in 1997, and with a wide experience in the field, Hydro-Chem is said to specialise in offering treatment of membrane filtration systems, cooling tower systems and waste water treatment system. Hydro-Chem also offers services such as industrial chemical cleaning, wastewater treatment servicing, water minimisation consulting, water treatment servicing and so on. Hydro-Chem believes in offering innovative products and services to its clients and the experienced technician and staffs aid the company in achieving its goals.

Hydro-Chem serves a wide customer base that includes health facilities, shopping centres, office complexes and universities. Hydro-Chem offers commercial water treatment services that include servicing of boilers, water tanks, associated plant and equipment, cooling tower systems, closed loop systems, evaporative coolers and so on.

Hydro-Chem offers servicing of cooling tower systems. The qualified team of Hydro-Chem is experienced in this area. The water treatment is carried out to control microbial growth and Legionella to minimise fouling, corrosion and scale formation.

Hydro-Chem offers boiler water treatment that has been designed to ensure that the plant provides trouble-free supply of steam as well as operates at its maximum efficiency. Hydro-Chem offers a wide range of boiler water treatment chemicals and the water treatment programs offered includes polymer, amine, carbonate and dispersant programs.

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