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Water hydraulics now a reality

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THE UK-based Water Hydraulics Company has succeeded in reducing the cost of water valves by designing a new range of patent-protected valves.

Available from Hydraulic Controls , the unique Janus Control valves offer directional flow and pressure control for system pressures upto 200 bar, not just for water but for any corrosive low viscosity fluid.

The operating principle is a hydrostatically balanced face valve that mimics the function of a spool arrangement. Functions not commonly available from a single valve, such as a 4/3 directional control can now be supplied.

A bolt-on pilot operated check in both single and double acting versions is available for load holding applications.

Manufactured in 316 stainless steel and polymer as standard, many suitable bearing material combinations can be offered from polymer to ceramic. The appropriate selection is made with respect to operating pressure, system fluid, temperature, and fluid contamination level.

The design is very tolerant to fluid contamination, the sealing forces generated by the operating pressure produce sub micron clearances that restrict entry of contamination to the bearing interfaces.

Direct valve actuation via solenoid, pilot, hand and spring ensures that contaminants can not clog or destroy designed pressure balances. The ability to generate appropriate actuation forces without small pilot feed galleries ensures that contamination or scale build up will not affect the actuation of the valve.

The valve can also be configured to offer pressure control in terms of relief, reducing, unloading and overcentre. A major feature of the design is that the section of the valve that controls the pressure differs from the surface that offers the seal.

The efficiency of the valve is not affected even if the specially selected materials are eroded due to the exceptionally high fluid velocities.

Manifold versions containing both pressure and flow control functions are available for volume applications, this offers a further cost reduction and minimises the use of expensive fittings and pipe work.

Allied with the previously developed axial piston pumps and motors and range of standard cylinders ensures that full water hydraulic system requirements now be offered.

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