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Hydratight’s hot and cold tapping service reduces plant downtime

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article image The hot and cold tapping service allows pipeline modifications without plant decommissioning
The Hydratight hot and cold tapping service allows companies to carry out plant and pipeline modifications without the need to decommission, thus reducing plant downtime.

Downtime impacts the profitability of any operation, especially in resources, processing, fabrication, maintenance and pipeline-dependent industries.

Global joint security specialist Hydratight has expanded its range of in-situ services in Australia with the introduction of the hot tapping and cold tapping service, which allows users to meet deadlines safely and with minimum disruption to production, according to Commercial Leader of Hydratight in Australia, Mr Neil Ferguson.

Hydratight’s hot and cold tapping service is a precise process that requires Hydratight’s experienced engineers to drill a hole in a piping system under pressure without draining or spilling the products inside. This precision service allows safe, fast tie-ins, repairs, modifications and bypass of faulty or damaged systems, all under full operating conditions to provide exceptional value and efficiency without any plant downtime.

Hydratight’s technique of on-line thermowell installation is approved by the TUV certification authority, offering assurance of safe and efficient performance. The connection of resistance thermometers or thermocouples to existing pipelines under pressure requires qualified engineers and special tapping equipment.

Thermowell installation offers precise, robust and permanent temperature measurement of process media where the media may be corrosive, abrasive or at high pressure and can limit sensor life.

Key benefits of Hydratight’s hot and cold tapping service:

  • On-line integration of tie-ins or bypass lines without production loss
  • Installation of thermowells with minimum disruption and under operating pressure
  • Avoids expensive emergency shutdowns
  • Sustains manufacturing efficiency Minimum disruption to process/production
Hydratight’s on-site services

Hydratight is also introducing to Australia its latest in-place heat treatment services to enhance the strength, safety and durability of welded structures essential to industries including oil and gas, mining and energy, metals fabrication and infrastructure construction. Developed in partnership with global leaders in these industries, the services include resistance heat treatment and induction heat treatment.

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