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Hydratight launches clamshell pipe cutters for safer precision on-site pipe machining

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article image Hydratight clamshell, one of the six series for the widest variety of machining tasks

Hydratight  has introduced a range of highly portable and easy-to-use clamshell pipe cutters and bevellers to help minimise downtime of infrastructure while optimising time and labour use.

Designed for use during new construction, decommissioning, component replacement, fabrication and refurbishment, the Hydratight clamshells are highly portable split frame lathes ideally suited for precision machining applications on-site in resources, energy, infrastructure and process plant applications, where they are engineered to operate safely and accurately even in the most demanding environments and critical applications.

Featuring a split frame design that allows for installation of the machine at any point along a pipeline, reducing setup time, Hydratight’s clamshell pipe cutters have a rugged fixed base, steel pinion gear and high bearing count that make them suitable for a broad variety of machining tasks.

The clamshells are ideally suited for cutting, bevelling, counterboring, single point machining and flange facing on pipe and tubing ranging from 0.84 in. (21.34 mm) to 177 in. (4495.8 mm) on all types of materials and wall thicknesses.

The Hydratight clamshell range, including six distinct series of machines for highly accurate and flexible on-site use extends up to the world's largest gear-driven split frame clamshell lathe, the MM180, which was designed for very large diameter, heavy cutting and bevelling applications. Using Hydratight’s patented, fully adjustable, heavy duty bearing design, this portable pipe cutting machine is capable of cutting, bevelling, facing, boring and outside diameter (OD) turning on all types of wall thickness.

The range also includes the NB (Narrow Body) series clamshells designed with a lower profile for reduced weight and increased functionality in confined workspaces as well as an array of accessories and drive options to provide an ideal configuration for a wide variety of on-site machining applications.

The Hydratight clamshell series also includes the HD series (Heavy Duty) clamshells ideal for large diameter heavy wall pipe machining applications; MS series (Mid-Size) clamshells weighing less than the HD machines but providing greater rigidity than the NB series; and the MC2A, featuring an extremely compact design and flush mount tool block slides to provide easy setup in tight spaces for small diameter severing and bevelling of pipe and tubing.

Hydratight also offers a wide range of bolt-on accessories that expand the operational capabilities of a standard clamshell configuration. Accessories include counterbores, single points, drive options, motor mounts, tool block slides and axial feed assemblies. Hydratight also designs and manufactures a broad range of tool bits to enhance and extend the capabilities of their machines and bolt-on accessories.

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