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Hydratight develops in-line weld test and isolation packages to cut risk and costs

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Turnkey testing packages available from Hydratight are designed to enhance safety, cut overall project costs and minimise system downtime during maintenance.

In-line weld testing and isolation packages, available throughout Australasia and the Asia-Pacific from Hydratight cut overall project costs down to as little as 25 per cent of the cost of alternatives such as blinded flanges, full system pressurisation or mechanical tools. The risk of creating unwanted leakages in mature systems is also reduced. 

These testing packages save time and reduce costs by limiting the test area to only the new welds or welded components tested during routine maintenance and maintenance shutdowns. This localised pressure testing is designed to reduce system downtime during maintenance and increase worksite safety by minimising pressure test volumes.

The hydraulic design allows the weld testing tool to be installed in a matter of minutes, compared to hours required by conventional tools. Additionally, the robust construction of the tool ensures safe and prolonged use in harsh environments.

Localised pressure testing is a means of verifying the integrity of a welded or formed joint or flange installation/weld made on a piping system as part of a repair or modification of a process piping system undertaken during plant shutdown activities.

Hydratight provides certified and experienced technicians to perform the job safely as a full turnkey testing package, delivering a first-class maintenance solution for facility assets. 

Technicians insert the weld test tool into the pipe or equipment component to provide a fast and efficient method of verifying the integrity of butt welds, joints or other welded pipe components.

Hydratight's in-line weld test tools feature double block and bleed isolation. Once set in position these tools provide a verified vapour barrier allowing hot work activities to take place safely on-site. To test the weld, the same tool is repositioned over the weld area. The weld test is typically undertaken using water as the test medium, but can be conducted using inert gas where necessary. 

Hydratight offers a broad range of test tools to accommodate all requirements in pipe wall thicknesses and flange configurations.  

Hydratight also carries an extensive range of lightweight aluminium tools designed for light, fast and flexible use. The lightweight construction of aluminium tools makes Hydratight weld testing tools a great asset on offshore platforms where controlling space and weight is key to controlling cost.

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