Hydramet is an Australian based company, specialising in equipment and systems for chlorination, water treatment and chemical metering with a commitment to provide a total supply and support. The staff of Hydramet has been involved with chlorination and chemical metering generally for over 20 years.
Their staff and management team comprises of experienced personnel involved with the design, construction, maintenance and service of chlorination ... + View more


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15/06/11 - Hydramet announces its Chlorine Operator’s training course now gains qualification NWP277A: Work Safely with Liquefied Chlorine Gas.
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18/04/11 - Chlorination specialist Hydramet has added a new sodium hypochlorite training programme to the company’s portfolio of water industry training courses.
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24/03/11 - The S10K chlorinators provide economic low capacity chlorine gas feed applications for municipal, industrial water, wastewater treatment and disinfection of swimming pools.
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08/12/10 - Hydramet supplies Chem-Ad Series A chemical metering pumps, robust units that have been developed specifically for use in applications with very low feed rates.
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WA 6164
Tel: 08 9412 6100
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