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Weka magnetic level indicators from Hydair Drives Fluid Power Systems

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Hydair Drives Fluid Power Systems, a West Australian distributor for Weka level indicators; these are manufactured under licence in Australia. The level indicators find application wherever liquid is stored in tanks and vessels where it is important to locally, or remotely.

The Weka visual level indicators are principally constructed of 316 stainless steel wetted parts, although for some corrosive liquids, these can be constructed of ABS, polypropylene, PVC, PVDF and even fibreglass reinforced plastic. The common liquid applications are diesel, hydrocarbons, water, various acids and alkalis, refrigerants and sundry chemicals.

Magnetic level indicators require no power to operate, and effectively are totally maintenance free. The magnetic level indicators are easily read from 10's of metres distant.

Differentiating features

The patented Weka design is based on the use of Alnico bar magnets enclosed in the floats. Because these magnets are much lighter than competing single and dual ring magnets, Weka are able to build smaller diameter floats that enable the use of smaller bore standpipes. By way of example, the popular 34000 series has a standpipe of only 33.7 / 29.7mm, yet these units may be rated according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive for application of up to 50 bars.

Depending upon the mix of process conditions, Weka level indicators can accommodate extremes of temperatures of up to 400 Degrees C and down to -162 Deg C, pressures to 630 bars and specific gravities ( SG ) down to 0.3 gms/cm3.

Control Components custom builds every unit that is made at its Sydney facility. Control Components maintain inventories of different SG floats (316L stainless steel, titanium alloy, elastomer and others), low (150 Deg C), medium (250 Deg C) and high (400 Deg C) temperature indication rails, multiple colours of flags and new stainless steel bodied magnetic switches. Level transmitters providing 4 - 20mA output are fast tracked through Weka AG for timely delivery.

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