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Founded in 2008, HYDAC Filter Systems developed from the Filtration Technology division into an independent product division. Hand in hand with our customers and partners, we work daily on new challenges and develop new oil purification systems and solutions. Direct contact with our customers, proximity to the market and looking beyond our own horizons are fundamental to the continuous improvement and expansion of our product range.

As a versatile supplier of fluid service products and services, when it comes to oil purification systems, finding a solution for the customer is our priority. The initial areas of activity in fluid service have over the years been extended by close cooperation with our customers and partners and have developed into the closely related areas of fluid monitoring and technical cleanliness.

Fluid Condition Monitoring

Monitoring the operating fluid from hydraulic and lubrication systems to design a condition-based maintenance programme.

Measured variables: particle count, contamination according to ISO/SAE/NAS, water saturation

Solutions for permanent system integration, including hydraulic and electrical adaptation (online condition monitoring), oil purification systems.

Plug & Play measuring equipment for short-term system analysis (offline condition monitoring)

Fluid Conditioning

Stationary and mobile fluid servicing / oil purification systems for filtering, dewatering, degassing and conditioning operating fluids

Removal of particle contamination, water, oil ageing products and gases

Mobile and stationary conditioning systems

Supplied ready for integration of fluid sensors

Filter element technology specifically for offline use

Excellent contamination retention capacity

Low filtration ratings

Technical Cleanliness

Test equipment for analysing the technical cleanliness of components and systems.

Extraction processes: spraying, rinsing, ultrasound (laboratory)

Simple operation via PC-controlled sequence

Indirect cleanliness analysis of the rinsing fluid via particle counter (end use simulation)

Reliable and reproducible analysis results

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