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Case Study: Drill machines electronic control systems

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article image Hydraulic Crawler Drill C6XP by Casagrande

TTControl has been commissioned by leading foundation equipment manufacturer Casagrande to provide electronic control systems and operator interfaces for their new XP generation of drilling machines.

TTControl is a joint-venture company of TTTech and Hydac International specialising in robust and flexible control systems and intelligent displays for mobile working machines and special vehicles.

The new XP generation of hydraulic crawler drills from Italian company Casagrande is built for harsh environments and different application areas. Casagrande has decided to choose TTControl as a technology partner for the control and visualisation system of these machines. The strengths of the TTControl hardware components include a high degree of safety and reliability, and excellent performance.

With TTControl’s HY-TTC 90, a robust control unit compliant with the international IEC 61508 and ISO/EN 13849 standards on functional safety, it was possible to meet all safety requirements of the drilling machines. Meeting SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level) and PL d (Performance Level) requirements, the HY-TTC 90 is comprised of a main CPU for executing the user application, and a smaller diagnostic CPU, which continuously monitors the main CPU as well as the safety-critical inputs and outputs.

In case an error is detected, an internal switch opens, disconnecting all output stages from power supply and shifting the vehicle to a safe state. The supervision system of the XP series was actualised with an HY-eVision2 operator interface.

All diagnostics of the drilling system and other functions such as displaying parameters of work and alert functions are enabled by the 7-inch variant of the interface with the intelligent monitors setting new standards for maximum resolution, programmability with CODESYS 3.x, and user friendliness.

The operator interface has a powerful built-in display controller and is perfectly suited for the harsh conditions in off-highway vehicles with its aluminium front. It is designed to become the central operator interface in mobile cranes, excavators or large drilling machines such as the Casagrande XP series.

With the HY-eVision2 operator panel, Casagrande benefits from optimised visualisation of the various parameters of the drilling system. Object-oriented programming concepts allow fast and easy adaption of HMI to different languages. Specific additions such as transparency effects, graphic library and Unicode fonts are providing the ability to fully customise the display to customer needs and to differentiate from the competition.

Mario Marchese, Design Manager at Casagrande said that they chose TTControl because of the company’s know-how in both electronic control and visualisation. The high-level performance and safety specifications of the TTControl solution are responding ideally to the needs and requirements of Casagrande’s strong, compact and versatile XP series of drilling machines.

Marc Weissengruber, Director Sales & Marketing at TTControl adds that their products offer the level of robustness and reliability essential for this kind of work environment. Drilling machines, and in particular the new series from Casagrande, require high-level technological solutions with complex control functions. It was a great opportunity for TTControl to equip the XP series with its platform control and visualisation and ensure compliance to the specifications of the new functional safety standards.

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