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Quartz through-hole crystals

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article image Produced to the highest international standards.

HY-QInternational’s range of AT-cut through-hole crystals covers a frequency spectrum from 1MHz to 200MHz, with units in resistance weld holders.

The resistance weld range of holders includes all common international standard types.

Resistance welding is now the preferred type of encapsulation, recently replacing the solder seal technique by virtue of its greater reliability and efficiency in production.

The size of the crystal enclosure determines the maximum size of the resonator that it can accommodate. This limits the lower end of the frequency range for each enclosure type. It may also limit the ruggedness, reproducibility and choice of equivalent circuit parameters.

Hy-Q International is a 100% Australian-owned company and has been supplying frequency control products to the highest international standards for over 30 years.

Hy-Q International’s product range includes quartz crystal units, filters, DILs, voltage controlled, temperature compensated and oven controlled oscillators, monolithic and discrete filters, as well as ceramic filters and resonators.

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