Hy-Q International (Australia)

Suppliers of the highest quality frequency control products. Australian and New Zealand representative for HOSONIC ELECTRONIC CO.


Supplier news
13/12/05 - Hy-Q International’s range of quartz crystal filters are suitable for applications that require selective narrow-band filtering at HF and VHF frequencies.
Supplier news
13/12/05 - The Hy-Q International range of clock oscillators provides a low-cost, space-saving solution to the problem of integrating accurate timing sources into high-density PCB assemblies.
Supplier news
13/12/05 - Hy-Q International supplies a range of standard oscillators covering a frequency range of 1Hz to 175MHz.
Supplier news
20/10/05 - HY-Q International’s range of AT-cut through-hole crystals covers a frequency spectrum from 1MHz to 200MHz, with units in resistance weld holders. The resistance weld range of holders includes all com

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Hy-Q International (Australia) (Head office) Update these details
25 Winterton Road
VIC 3168
Tel: 03 9562 8222
Fax: 03 9562 9009

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