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Hydraulic dust excluders from Hy-Du-Ex

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Hy-Du-Ex  has been manufacturing and supplying dust excluders for clients from all across the world for over thirty years. The other popular product supplied by Hy-Du-Ex is moulded rubber boots.

Hy-Du-Ex manufactures a wide range of protective dust excluders. The clients are from across Australia, as well as from Singapore, New Zealand and centres in Europe. Hy-Du-Ex offers to supply to other destinations too, if required.

The protective dust excluders are tailored to suit the specific needs of the clients. These products can be used in all kinds of hydraulic, pneumatic and worm screw rams. Hy-Du-Ex uses a wide range of threads and material in the manufacture of these products, which ensure protection against dust as well as radiated heat. Hy-Du-Ex also manufactures related products like, covers for milling machines and expansion or control joints. Hy-Du-Ex also supplies made to order, leather and canvas products, and moulded rubber boots Hy-Du-Ex offers to supply dust excluders and moulded rubber boots, for a minimum order of 100 units in order to justify the cost of the die, which is prepared exclusively for each client.

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