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Smaller quantity injection moulding service

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article image High impact polypropylene tubs.

A NEW specialised polypropylene injection moulding company, Husky Products , is supplying product in medium quantities - a service traditionally difficult to obtain from mainstream injection moulding companies.

With products already made to order, Husky Products believes its new service brings down unit price and tooling costs to a manageable level for those companies that need injection moulded items but are not serviced adequately by a supplier market geared to huge quantity output.

Husky Products injection moulding is a viable option to those companies that need items tooled up and produced in quantities in the tens of thousands, but most serious injection moulding companies can only economically produce in the hundreds of thousands.

Furthermore, it is in a position to have a close look at anybody's needs and help tailor a solution - an added benefit that may not offer a profit margin to those injection moulders geared toward producing huge quantities.

A high-impact grade polypropylene tub developed for one of Husky Products' clients is used to store wool bale fasteners.

The client requirement stipulated the product should be tough enough to withstand any potential damage from the sharpness and hardness of the hooks.

The brief also asked for flexibility to produce in sizes to store specific volumes of product.

It was also required to be extremely strong and be of a physical design to stack on top of the other, fit into tight storage spaces and to make handling easier.

In this case two sizes were requested and produced - 1.5 litre and 2.5 litre.

As an added feature, Husky products are designed as an airtight container for whenever that service is needed. It is hard to break, and if run over by a truck it will be flattened but will totally resist shatter.

Easy to wash, the item has been designed with internal curves rather than corners so anything that is stored in it can be scooped out easily.

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