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Having trouble heating big open spaces?
28.03.2018 - Hurll Nu-Way explains why radiant heaters are the best solution for heating big open spaces.
Why a radiant heater is better than an air heater for large spaces
26.03.2018 - The choice of heater primarily depends on the dimensions of the space you need to heat up.
10 facts about high volume low speed fans
27.09.2017 - Heating, cooling and process equipment solutions provider Hurll Nu-Way offers 10 facts about the benefits of High Volume Low Speed fans or HVLS fans.
New HVLS fans developed for use in industrial and commercial areas
07.12.2015 - Hurll Nu-Way presents HVLS low speed fans designed specifically for use in industrial and commercial environments.
Comparing screw blowers and turbo blowers for wastewater treatment
30.03.2015 - Positive displacement blowers are no longer preferred for the aeration process in wastewater treatment facilities due to their low efficiency.
Hurll Nu-Way offers solutions for mobile fuel applications
26.03.2015 - Hurll Nu-Way supplies high quality equipment sourced from leading manufacturers and designed to meet mobile fuel applications.
Hurll-Nu Way releases new aeration blowers
20.02.2015 - Hurll Nu-Way announces the release of a new range of aeration blowers designed to provide significant energy savings even in energy-intensive processes.
Mobile plant cleaning contaminated soil at Point Cook
02.02.2015 - EnviroPacific applied direct fired thermal desorption technology, installing and commissioning the Direct Thermal Desorption plant.
Hurll Nu-Way distributing new hydraulic oil coolers
12.01.2015 - Hurll Nu-Way announces the availability of a new range of hydraulic oil coolers manufactured by Paragon (USA).
Hurll Nu-Way installs Coriolis flowmeters for LPG delivery
09.12.2014 - Electronic registration devices have been rapidly adopted over the last decade for use in tank trucks involved in custody transfer applications.
Practical steps towards manufacturing energy efficiency
15.11.2014 - Optimising production costs helps winery owners compete in local as well as international markets.
How to choose the right fuel pump for your operation
29.10.2014 - AdBlue is a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) used as a catalyst by many SCR-fitted heavy vehicles running on diesel in Australia.
The evolution of gas fired process heating systems since 1970
20.10.2014 - Energy saving not only allows you to do your bit towards saving the planet; it will also save you a significant proportion of your manufacturing costs.
How PD blowers are used in industry
05.08.2014 - Positive displacement or PD blowers offer a versatile solution for diverse applications in various industries.
Getting the best value for money from portable outdoor gas heaters
10.07.2014 - Hurll Nu-Way offers a few tips on buying the right type of portable outdoor gas heaters for the home or any hospitality venue application.
Heating vessel systems developed for breweries
09.07.2014 - Tank heating systems, low shear pumps and air knife systems are some of the professional equipment supplied by Hurll Nu-Way to Australian craft breweries.
Hurll Nu-Way introduces new air operated double diaphragm pump to the Australian market
02.04.2014 - Hurll Nu-Way has launched a new range of air operated double diaphragm pumps in the Australian market.
iBulk and Hurll Nu-Way launch new quarry sand drying solutions
21.03.2014 - iBulk Solutions, together with their subcontractor Hurll Nu-Way is providing energy efficient solutions for sand drying applications.
Tips to cut energy costs and increase reliability PD blowers in bulk handling applications
24.01.2014 - Positive displacement blowers or PD blowers have been traditionally used by manufacturers for bulk handling.
High velocity low speed fans for warehouses released into Australia
26.11.2013 - SkyBlade HVLS (High Velocity Low Speed) fans are now available in Australia from Hurll Nu-Way.
Cutting costs on compressed air: Top four tips and tricks
19.11.2013 - As energy costs rise, Hurll Nu-way have put together a list of four ways to cut your energy costs without sacrificing efficiency.
New 55kW high efficiency, easy maintenance screw compressors launched into Australia
14.11.2013 - The new 55kW oil-lubricated screw compressors from Hitachi are now available in Australia from Hurll Nu-Way.
Hurll Nu-Way launches new online shop for pumps and compressors
08.11.2013 - Hurll Nu-Way announces the launch of its online shop for pumps, heaters and compressors.
Handling sludge: Should you use gas or slurry mixing?
18.09.2013 - Hurll Nu-Way offers ‘continuous anaerobic digester gas mixing systems’ manufactured in the UK by Utile Engineering.
Hitachi’s energy efficient air compressors
11.09.2013 - Hitachi’s air compressors, available in Australia from Hurll Nu-Way offer multiple options for energy efficient operation.
How food manufacturers can save energy and become more sustainable
05.09.2013 - Hurll Nu-Way supplies equipment designed to assist food manufacturers save energy and become more sustainable.
Turning waste into power with anaerobic digestion
31.07.2013 - Waste management has risen to a new level, driven by economic, social and environmental factors.
Case study: Compressed air knives at Southern Cross Ceramics' factory
09.07.2013 - Hurll Nu-Way has supplied a cost-efficient compressed air solution to a leading decorative tile manufacturer to enable high quality printing on tiles.
Hurll Nu-Way appointed as Australia’s new Hitachi air compressor distributor
26.06.2013 - Hurll Nu-Way has been appointed as an authorised distributor of Hitachi air compressors in Australia.
Infrared burners from Hurll Nu-Way for industrial drying, cooking and baking
08.05.2013 - SBM high-efficiency infrared burners from Hurll Nu-Way incorporated into rotisseries, broilers, kebabs, gyros, BBQ grills and ovens deliver significant energy savings in diverse applications.
GE’s new Roots turbo blower available in Australia from Hurll Nu-Way
12.02.2013 - GE has released its new Roots turbo blower into Australia. Roots turbo blowers are distributed in Australia by Hurll Nu-Way.
New Roots turbo blowers from Hurll Nu-Way for wastewater treatment plants
11.02.2013 - Roots turbo blowers, introduced by GE last year are now available in Australia and New Zealand via Hurll Nu-Way, the official GE distributor of Roots blowers and compressors.
Hurll Nu-Way offers recuperative and regenerative furnace systems for metal melting and smelting
08.02.2013 - Hurll Nu-Way offers a wide range of recuperative and regenerative systems tailored to suit the specific requirements of furnaces.
Energy efficient condensing boilers from Hurll Nu-Way
20.12.2012 - Hurll Nu-Way supplies a range of Belgian manufactured condensing boilers designed to save energy by recovering the heat lost by water vapour in the flue gas.
Combat energy saving fans from Hurll Nu-Way bring the warm air down
18.12.2012 - Combat energy saving fans available from Hurll Nu-Way feature various control options to improve comfort, protect the environment and save money.
Hurll Nu-Way offers wide selection of burners for process heating applications
22.11.2012 - Burners for use in process heating applications must be selected based on the specific job requirements.
Hurll Nu-Way launches new website
26.10.2012 - Hurll Nu-Way has launched a brand new website featuring a revamped design, user-friendly navigation and informative product sections.
Combustion and burner systems designed to reduce energy usage
08.10.2012 - Hurll Nu-Way offers combustion systems that are purpose built to solve particular problems.
Air knife systems for manufacturing processes
03.10.2012 - Hurll Nu-Way offers the Secomak POWERSTRIP air knives that delivers a continuous sheet of precisely controlled high-velocity air for stripping away moisture and debris.
HNW offers energy savings in process combustion and process heating systems
11.09.2012 - Hurll Nu-Way custom designs energy-saving combustion systems to suit specific application requirements.
Weather-Rite indirect-fired air handlers improve indoor air quality and provide comfort
30.08.2012 - Hurll Nu-Way has added the versatile Weather-Rite indirect-fired heating systems to its range of HVAC products.
Hurll Nu-Way adds commercial and industrial HVAC products from Addison USA
28.08.2012 - Hurll Nu-Way now adds a range of heating, cooling and dehumidification products from Addison USA.
Roots blowers, compressors and controls now available from Hurll Nu-Way
27.08.2012 - GE Energy has appointed Hurll Nu-Way as the authorised distributor of Roots blowers, compressors and controls in Australia.
Hurll Nu-Way introduces EnviroGear mag drive gear pumps
24.08.2012 - Hurll Nu-Way, an authorised distributor for Dover PSG pumps in Australia and NZ announces the launch of EnviroGear mag drive internal gear pumps in the Australian market.
Infrared heaters, condensing boilers, air handlers and oven gas burners from Hurll Nu-Way
23.08.2012 - Hurll Nu-Way presents a range of products to help keep warm this winter including infrared heaters, condensing boilers and air handlers.
Seal-free pump cuts costs and annual maintenance by Hurll Nu-Way
06.07.2009 - Australian Bakels becomes the first Australian company to install an unusual seal-free pump: Hurll Nu-Way's Blackmer Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pump.
Hurll Nu-Way distributes infra red heaters, meters, silencers and pumps
01.04.2008 - Hurll Nu-Way provides a range of heaters including infra red heaters, Blackheat heaters and Combat warm air heaters.
Oil burners and screw compressors from Hurll Nu-Way
31.03.2008 - Nu-way burners, Hauck burners, Selectos burners and Bentone burners are the variety of burners available from Hurll Nu-Way. The gas, oil and dual fuel burners are available with dual speed control motors and are widely used in applications such as ov
Air knives and centrifugal blowers from Hurll Nu-Way
28.03.2008 - Hurll Nu-Way is known for distributing a range of compressors, blowers, meters, pumps, silencers, heaters and burners for the domestic, industrial and commercial industries.
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