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Seal-free pump cuts costs and annual maintenance by Hurll Nu-Way

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article image Seal-free pump cuts costs and annual maintenance by Hurll Nu-Way
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Years of replacing seals in gear pumps triggered annual frustration for Mr Arandall ( Australian Bakels Site Manager)  until Australian Bakels became the first Australian company to install an unusual seal-free pump: Hurll Nu-Way 's Blackmer Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pump.

Aside from the cost and downtime associated with the annual replacement of seals, the gear pump seals had to be flushed with a constant flow of water that added up to hundreds of litres of drinking water a day. Mr Arandall was concerned by the wasted resources and potential for breakdowns.

The Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pump was a rare alternative to the gear pumps. An international supplier of bakery and food ingredients, Australian Bakels used the pumps on a line producing fondant for the decoration of doughnuts, cakes and pastries. The glucose and water syrup must be kept hot and it is corrosive.

Before the introduction of the seal-free pump, there wasn't anything else that could cope with corrosive, viscous liquids running at up to 120° Celsius, resulting in the use of gear pumps and mechanical seals, until Hurll Nu-Way presented a solution that addressed all the current issues surrounding gear pumops and mechanical seals, thus improving consistency.

Australian Bakels also demands exceptionally accurate flow rates – with tolerances of ±1.6 per cent – and an equally high degree of consistency.

Unlike lobe pumps, which leak faster as they age, the Mouvex automatically adjusts for piston and cylinder wear, delivering full flow efficiency and high levels of product stability at all times. At the heart of the pump is an oscillating piston that moves a disc eccentrically against the chamber, gently forcing the liquid out at constant flow rates – even at varying pressures and low viscosities.


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