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Oil burners and screw compressors from Hurll Nu-Way

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Nu-way burners, Hauck burners, Selectos burners and Bentone burners are the variety of burners available from Hurll Nu-Way . The gas, oil and dual fuel burners are available with dual speed control motors and are widely used in applications such as ovens, boilers, drying booths and furnaces.

Hauck burners are distributed in a variety of models including ecostar, super versatile gas burners and star jet to name a few. The super versatile gas burners from Hurll Nu-Way are multi purpose furnace burners and are available with low emissions and high exit velocities.

Hauck 780 series burners which are self-proportionate oil burners available with low pressure air and single lever control.

Selectos gas and oil burners are also available from Hurll Nu-Way which are designed to fire a range of heating and process equipment including air heaters, commercial boilers, incinerators and steam cleaners. These gas and oil burners are designed for immersion tanks and tube firing.

Arezen screw compressors and Blackmer piston compressors designed for industrial applications are available from Hurll Nu-Way. The screw compressors are designed for process gas and oil free air applications. These screw compressors from Hurll Nu-Way are commonly used for applications such as process gas compressing and conveying and pneumatic conveying.

The oil free reciprocating compressors are available in single, double or triple packed and are widely used in gas boosting and vapour transfer.

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