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Infrared burners from Hurll Nu-Way for industrial drying, cooking and baking

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SBM high-efficiency infrared burners from Hurll Nu-Way incorporated into rotisseries, broilers, kebabs, gyros, BBQ grills and ovens deliver significant energy savings in diverse applications.

Integrated into various cooking and drying equipment, SBM infrared burners offer high infrared emission efficiency, providing energy savings in applications demanding high intensity heat. Heating temperature rises quickly to further contribute to immediate effectiveness.

SBM high-efficiency infrared burners offer several benefits to the equipment including silent operation, almost zero electricity consumption, guaranteed clean gas combustion and instant heat.

Key features and benefits of SBM infrared burners:

  • Infrared emission efficiency ensures even heat distribution
  • Allows for quicker cooking time
  • Helps preserve juices and flavour inside the cooked meat
  • Allows cooking without fat, meeting the demand for healthier food
  • Versatile application range from baking bread and blackening vegetables to relaxing shellfish and making popcorn
  • Helps make food more attractive from browning waffles and toasts, crumpet toasting, and setting coatings on chicken and fish strips, to branding of meat and cheese

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