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How food manufacturers can save energy and become more sustainable

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Hurll Nu-Way supplies equipment designed to assist food manufacturers save energy and become more sustainable.

Air compressors are widely used in the food industry for packaging, product sorting, cleaning, peeling, dehydrating, blow-off and other applications. Compressed air needs a lot of energy and also has to be clean and oil-free. 

Hitachi oil free scroll compressors not only offer energy saving features but also deliver contaminant-free air required by industry specifications. The equipment’s multi drive control mode allows energy savings by operating in modulating compressor heads mode. Equipped with compressed air dryers and filters, Hitachi’s oil free compressors are suitable for ISO 14001 factories. 

Product losses caused by the cleaning out of place (COP) process can be eliminated with the help of Mouvex pumps that use their CIP ability to clear the pipes. The sealless design eliminates the possibility of leaks, while the reduced maintenance requirement saves time. It also consumes less energy using smaller motors and operating at reduced speed.

Process heating necessary for food preparation is a highly energy consuming process. To use less energy for heating, the heating element should be as close to the product as possible, making immersion tank heating a great solution. The small diameter heating tube elements are located in the heating tank, and provide great efficiency and low operating costs, saving the distribution losses associated with steam. Operating efficiency is higher than 80% of gross calorific value and fuel cost savings are approximately 30-50% when compared to the central boiler and electrical heating alternatives. 

Lanemark immersion tube burners are used in breweries for hot water heating and wort boiling, for blanching vegetables and frying snack foods, in animal scalders, and for cleaning in place tanks. 

Food processing companies generate significant amounts of waste, which must be used instead of disposed of, for the operation to be sustainable. Using the process of anaerobic digestion, the company can turn waste into power that can be used for heating or cogeneration. 

Proper anaerobic digestion mixing systems will guarantee higher biogas yield while Utile vane compressors for digester gas mixing would further contribute to low maintenance and energy savings.

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