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How PD blowers are used in industry

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Positive displacement or PD blowers offer a versatile solution for diverse applications in various industries. From carpet cleaning and retrofitting building insulation to fogging and crop dusting, these truck mounted blowers simplify the execution of various tasks.

For instance, using a PD blower in retrofitting building insulation allows for insulating both brick veneer and double brick walls. The building cavity walls are filled with blown insulation material fed from a hopper, with insulation material, hopper and blower all mounted on a vehicle.

When used in fogging applications, air supplied by the blower is mixed with a liquid and sprayed via the nozzle to create a fine mist. Blowers are suitable for spraying insecticide solutions in crop dusting, fruit spraying, tree fogging and pest control.

In a carpet cleaning application, mobile carpet cleaning machines use a hot water extraction method while the blower provides suction to lift dirt off the carpet.

Vehicle mounted blowers are also used for the pneumatic loading/unloading of food products, animal feeds and minerals. Mobile blowers are used for cleaning applications such as drain cleaning, vacuum cleaning, or mobile waste cleaning.

GE Roots offers compact URAI blowers engineered for continuous use with maximum reliability. Featuring a proven lubrication system, the blower incorporates GE’s exclusive ‘figure-8’ gearbox design that improves oil distribution to the timing gears and lengthens bearing life. Oversized anti-friction bearings are used, with a heavy duty cylindrical roller bearing at the drive shaft to withstand V-belt pull. Viton lip seals maintain proper lubrication at the bearings.

Key features of the URAI blowers include cost effective design; pressures to 1034 mbar; vacuums to 539 mbar; flows to 4026 m³/hour; available with metric drive shaft and pipe connections; gas tight blowers available; and detachable feet allowing the blower to be mounted into any custom system.

GE Roots’ URAI blowers are available in Australia from Hurll Nu-Way .

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