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Hitachi’s air compressors, available in Australia from Hurll Nu-Way offer multiple options for energy efficient operation.

Hitachi offers oil flooded screw compressors, piston compressors and oil free scroll compressors, all with several energy-saving features for cost-efficient performance and operation. 

The HiScrew Next range is the next generation of screw compressors that combines excellent energy savings with low environmental impact. Total oil consumption over a period of 10 years is reduced up to 85% thanks to lower oil capacity and consumption as well as longer periods between oil changes. The airend of the variable speed drive compressor is directly driven by a high efficiency motor with magnetic rotors. Thanks to the magnetic rotor, there’s no secondary current, helping the compressor to achieve higher efficiency compared to an induction motor and inverter combination. The cooling fan is controlled by an inverter to achieve further energy savings. 

Hitachi’s VSD compressors feature constant pressure control to maintain constant pressure at all times without a pressure drop. This reduces pressure undershoot under fluctuating load situations and enables the control pressure setting to be minimised to reduce power consumption. The VSD model also has the ability to operate at 105% flow capacity or at a higher pressure range while still maintaining energy efficiency. 

Fixed speed compressors feature load-unload capacity control allowing energy savings. The Ecomode operation automatically reduces cut-out pressure, leading to reduced power requirement. 

In the event two compressors are required, a VSD and fixed speed compressor combination is recommended to get the dual benefit of lower initial investment and higher energy savings. 

The Hitachi multiplex oil-less SRL compressor achieves energy savings thanks to two types of control. Depending on the size (2.2 kW to 22 kW), Hitachi scroll compressors have one to four heads with extended life for the scrolls. The two operation modes are standard pressure control (similar to conventional pressure switch) and multi-drive control mode. 

Under pressure switch control (P-mode), the compressor stops operating when the maximum pressure is reached, and restarts when the pressure drops to the specified recovery pressure. In multi-drive mode, the operation of the compressor heads is modulated automatically, matching air supply to compressed air requirement. The delivery pressure is controlled by the quantity of working heads, which results in energy savings. 

Regular maintenance is also advised to ensure the compressors operate at their best and continue to save energy. 

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