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HNW offers energy savings in process combustion and process heating systems

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Hurll Nu-Way  custom designs energy-saving combustion systems to suit specific application requirements.

HNW offers process combustion and process heating systems purpose-built to address an energy-intensive plant’s need to reduce emissions and energy used for process heating while increasing productivity. Businesses that seek to reduce the impact of the carbon tax by minimising energy usage can also choose a combustion system built to their specific application needs.

HNW helps various companies by assessing their process requirements and recommending efficient and cost effective ways to help reduce their energy bill.

HNW sizes and designs combustion systems to suit the specific requirements of an application. The systems can be incorporated into new applications or retrofitted to existing equipment. Valve trains and control panels are designed and built in-house, ensuring compliance with the relevant local codes.

Hurll Nu-Way also offers a suitable burner and control package for specific applications, ensuring optimum energy efficiency is achieved without compromising reliability.

HNW also offers a range of industrial burner systems for process heating applications such as heat treatment furnaces, air heaters, aluminium melting furnaces, steel heating, ladle drying and heating, food processing and process drying among others.

Benefits of working with Hurll Nu-Way:

  • Over 100 years of expertise in process combustion/ burner sales
  • 3 experts with 15 – 40 years of expertise in designing combustion systems
  • Experienced service staff, servicing boilers and burners, including on-site service
  • Energy-smart and reliable solutions
  • Supply of reliable brands of process burners and spares

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