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Air knives and centrifugal blowers from Hurll Nu-Way

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Hurll Nu-Way  is known for distributing a range of compressors, blowers, meters, pumps, silencers, heaters and burners for the domestic, industrial and commercial industries.

The various products distributed by Hurll Nu-Way includes, blowers, air knives, burners, compressors, combustion components, heaters, pumps and silencers. The Secomak air knives available from Hurll Nu-Way are used commonly to strip moisture, solid debris and fluid films from any internal and external surfaces.

These air knives are designed from steel or extruded aluminium and are available in either straight or circular construction. These air knives from Hurll Nu-Way are cost effective and are easy to operate. The air knives are used widely in applications such as stripping cutting oil, bottle drying and food drying.

The blowers are available in two models including rotary piston and centrifugal type from Hurll Nu-Way. The Aerzen rotary piston blowers are used commonly for air and process gas applications both mobile and stationery.

Aerzen low plus delta blowers are available from Hurll Nu-Way. These blowers have inbuilt pulsation cancellation and require minimum floor space because of the compact design. These blowers are used in a variety of applications including aeration and agitation, pneumatic conveying and bull tanker uploading.

The Secomak centrifugal blowers from Hurll Nu-Way are used in air and gas applications.

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