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10 facts about high volume low speed fans

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Heating, cooling and process equipment solutions provider Hurll Nu-Way offers 10 facts about the benefits of High Volume Low Speed fans or HVLS fans.

1. HVLS fans have a cooling effect, creating a gentle breeze and reducing temperatures by up to 10°C.

2. HVLS fans are big in size measuring from 3.6m to 7.3m in diameter.

3. HVLS fans are created for high ceiling facilities such as warehouses, single storey shopping centres or sports halls where the ceiling height is commonly 6-7m.

4. HVLS fans are quiet during operation. When compared to noise from the library (40-45 dB), conversation at home (50 dB), air conditioning unit at 30m (60 dB), vacuum cleaner (70 dB) or food blender (88 dB), the SkyBlade fan, one of the quietest among HVLS fans generates <45 dBa.

5. In a church installation, one 4.3m fan was sufficient to cool the 600m² space, cutting 30% of cooling costs and maintaining its quiet operation at 45 dB. The fan cost $1 per day to run.

6. HVLS fans move large amounts of air slowly. The 3.6m fan moves up to 3000 cubic metres per minute with maximum speed of 88 revolutions per minute. In comparison, the speed of an early vinyl record is 78 rpm and a pedestal fan is over 1000 rpm.

7. A top-of-the-range 76cm pedestal fan costs $560, delivers 300 m³/min of air, creates 78 dBa noise and rotates at 1380 rpm. The smallest HVLS fan (3.6m) from SkyBlade Fans delivers 2900 m³/min, generates <45 dBa noise and rotates at 88 rpm, which is 17 times slower. To move 2900 m³ of air per minute, one would need 10 pedestal fans, which would make a lot of noise and consume 280 x 10 Watts.

8. The Hurll Nu-Way warehouse measures 900m² and needs just one HVLS fan to cool it.

9. When operated with a heating system, the HVLS fan can reduce heating costs by up to 20% thanks to destratification.

10. When operated with a cooling system, the HVLS fan can reduce cooling costs by up to 30%.

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