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Range of couplings and hoses available from Hunter Valley Hydraulink

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article image Gates one-half SAE bend radius hoses

Hunter Valley Hydraulink  offers a full range of Gates one-half SAE bend radius hoses, from low-pressure return lines to extremely high pressure impulse lines.

The one-half bend radius family of hoses have a built in flexibility which offers easier routing and installation with the possibility of reducing the overall length of hose from port-to-port.

Hydraulink couplings are designed and tested to deliver quality and uncompromising performance in the field.

HCR trivalent plating:

Hydraulink HCR trivalent plating provides in excess of 400 hours of red rust corrosion resistance when subjected to ISO 9227 salt-spray conditions, Hydraulink HCR trivalent plating is truly eco-friendly as all Hexavalent chromium has been removed from the plating process.

Hydraulink universal crimp coupling system:

One stem is for all braided and spiral hose types. The Hydraulink universal crimp coupling system is unique. Featuring a universal stem and wire-lok non-skive ferrule for both braided and spiral hose types, the crimp coupling system is easy to use.


  • One stem for all hose types
  • Non-skive wire-lok crimp ferrules
  • HCR trivalent plating
  • Tested in excess of industry standards
  • All major threads and flange configurations covered
  • All swept bend products are 1-piece with no welded joints


  • Reduced inventory costs
  • High load coupling retention
  • Quick and easy hose assembly fabrication = reduced downtime
  • Extended coupling life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wide application coverage
  • Performance plus in all field applications
  • Couplings for all applications and equipment types
  • High pressure capability

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