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Humidity panels from Humitech Warrego

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Humitech Warrego  is an environmental company specialising in manufacture and distribution of humidity control products. The main product provided by Humitech Warrego includes humidity control panels.

These humidity control panels from Humitech Warrego are designed from a multi-sorted natural mineral compound known as sorbite. These humidity control panels are efficient in absorbing humidity and are also useful in reducing temperatures in walk-in coolers.

The Humitech humidity panels offer several benefits to the user. These humidity panels reduces the ambient temperatures of the enclosed refrigerated environments and are efficient in increasing the life of the motors and compressors associated with the refrigeration.

These humidity panels from Humitech Warrego are also useful for reducing the spread of the bacteria in the refrigerated areas. The humidity panels increases the storage life of the food and reduces the defrost cycles by up to 50 percent.

The panels from Humitech Warrego also reduce food shrinkage, transfer of odours and decrease the energy usage. Humitech Warrego caters to the needs of various sectors including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, commercial and residential markets and florists.

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