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Features of Humitech humidity panels from Humitech Warrego

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The Humitech filters from Humitech Warrego operate by filtering water and air particles through a 100 percent natural mineral compound known as sorbite. These mineral compounds are non toxic and are safe to use in any kind of refrigeration environment.

The unique feature of the filters is that the mineral compounds both absorbs and desorbs the moisture thus creating an ideal refrigeration environment. The refrigeration environment with the use of these mineral compounds run efficiently thus reducing the power and maintenance costs. These filters thus increase the shelf life of the products by up to 50 percent.

The mineral compounds are not only efficient in maintaining the ideal humidity but also absorb the airborne bacteria thus eliminating odours and cross contamination. These Humitech filters from Humitech Warrego can be installed easily and quickly and these filters are rotated every month regularly.

These panels from Humitech Warrego are recycled and cleaned hence there is no pollutions or wastes. The unique feature of these panels from Humitech Warrego is that it not only absorbs excess humidity from the air but is also efficient in releasing the moisture back in the air thus ensuring an optimal food storage condition.

The Humitech panels from Humitech Warrego do not make use of any mechanical parts and electricity and works 24 hours a day.

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