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Applications of Humitech humidity panels from Humitech Warrego

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The Humitech systems from Humitech Warrego are widely used in supermarkets, medical, restaurants, florists and hotels. The humidity panels from Humitech Warrego are widely used in supermarkets to increase the shelf life of all the perishable products.

These humidity panels are useful in controlling the humidity in cool rooms thus saving energy and extending the life of fruits and vegetables. These energy savings results in providing cost savings and environmental benefits.

These Humitech systems useful for eliminating the free moisture build up and condensation inside the cold rooms and elimination of odours.

The Humitech systems from Humitech Warrego are also useful in reducing the cost of the produce, energy savings and also provide health and safety in restaurants and hotels. These panels are widely used in florist shops while buying the flowers in bulk and storing it in coolers.

Flowers die quickly due to the ripping agent called the ethylene gas and confined storage areas including coolers are full of these gases. Humitech Warrego provides solutions to such problems through the Humitech panels which are efficient in extracting the ethylene gas from the coolers thus increasing the life of the flowers.

Hospitals also utilises Humitech panels in a variety of ways. These panels from Humitech Warrego are efficient in reducing the foul odours in the fridges caused due to urine samples and blood. Excess humidity also causes ink on the labels of the blood sample containers and the Humitech panels are useful in eliminating such problems.

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