Humitech Warrego

Humitech Holdings is an Environmental Company . It is the emerging leader in the manufacturing and distribution of humidity control products.


Supplier news
02/04/08 - The Humitech systems from Humitech Warrego are widely used in supermarkets, medical, restaurants, florists and hotels. The humidity panels from Humitech Warrego are widely used in supermarkets to increase the shelf life of all the perishable products
Supplier news
01/04/08 - The Humitech filters from Humitech Warrego operate by filtering water and air particles through a 100 percent natural mineral compound known as sorbite. These mineral compounds are non toxic and are safe to use in any kind of refrigeration environmen
Supplier news
31/03/08 - Humitech Warrego is an environmental company specialising in manufacture and distribution of humidity control products. The main product provided by Humitech Warrego includes humidity control panels.

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