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Steel reinforced concrete pipes and vitrified clay pipes from Humes

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Steel reinforced concrete pipes, premium vitrified clay pipes, jacking pipes, pipeline access and corrugated metal pipes are some of the pipeline systems available from Humes . The flush joint pipes are steel reinforced concrete pipes that consist of an interlocking joint thus providing a soil tight joint for preventing ingress of backfill materials and bedding.

These flush joint pipes from Humes are used commonly for culvert lines in rail and road embankments and are also used in storm water pipe lines.

Humes also offers a variety of steel reinforced concrete pipes ideal for pressure applications. Rubber ring joint pipes used widely for all concrete pipe applications are available from Humes. These joint pipes are used for applications such as low pressure irrigation and water supply and sanitary sewer.

These rubber ring joint pipes from Humes can be readily used in water charged environments as well.

Butt joints jacking pipes suitable for short length culverts and commonly used in non-pressure storm water pipelines are also available from Humes. The unique feature of these jacking pipes is its steel bands which are efficient in excluding any intrusion of debris.

Humes is known for providing a variety of trench and trenchless engineered pipes for use in sewerage applications. Steinzeug Keramo vitrified clay pipes are available as well from Humes. These vitrified clay pipes are commonly used for trench applications and consist of an inert rigid pipe which has a high load carrying capacity.

Corrugated metal pipes uses in mining, civil and irrigation industries, storm water detention structures and escape tunnels and reclaim tunnels are available from Humes.

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