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Re-use systems and hydrodynamic source control deveices from Humes

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Humes  specialises in the manufacture of pre-cast concrete products and steel reinforced concrete pipes. Humes is known for supplying a range of pipes to the irrigation, storm water and sewerage applications.

Box culverts, bridge components and arches commonly used in civil engineering and rural and resource sector projects and access chambers are the pre-cast product range available from Humes. Humes is also experienced in manufacturing wall and floor units commonly used in building sector projects including domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

The product line of Humes includes pipeline systems such as flush joint pipes, rubber ring joint pipes and corrugated metal pipes, engineered structures including bridge elements and tunnels and water solutions such as rain water re-use and storm water quality.

Rain vault from Humes is an underground rainwater re-use system and consist of horizontal cylindrical pre cast concrete storage components including calmed inlets, pre-treatment filters and siphoned overflow outlets.

These systems are widely used in industrial and commercial sites and for residential use. These re-use systems reduce 90 percent of the usage of main water and provide maximum utilisation.

Humeceptor is a hydrodynamic source control device available from Humes. These devices are useful for the retention and capture of a variety of contaminants such as grease, free and floating oils and petroleum products.

These source control devices are used widely in commercial and industrial sites, car parks, highways and roads and petrol stations. The source control devices from Humes are efficient in capturing petroleum hydrocarbons and solids and protect waterways thus reducing municipal costs.

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