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Concrete modular bridge systems, arch systems and retaing wall systems from Humes

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Humes  is known for providing engineered structures such as retaining walls, bridge elements, floor slab systems, tunnels and conduits and railway products to name a few.

Humedeck is a reinforced concrete modular bridge system available from Humes. These bridge systems can be installed onto existing substructures or are supplied with pre-cast concrete piles.

These bridge systems are commonly used for new bridge construction or upgrading or replacement of timber bridges. The arch systems from Humes consist of one or two piece pre-cast concrete arches and are widely used in underpasses, bridges, drainage culverts, tunnels and reclaim tunnels.

The unique feature of these arch systems from Humes is the pre-cast element. These pre-cast elements allow for easy and quick installation and the arches can be customised according to the requirements of the customers.

Box culverts are also available from Humes. These box culverts are available as either an inverted U or a U shaped trough with a lid. These box culverts from Humes are commonly used in bridging and drainage applications, rail and mining applications and industrial ducting.

The box culverts are ideal for difficult site conditions and allow instant bridging.

Double walls are interlocking pre-cast retaining wall systems available from Humes. These retaining wall systems are suitable for applications including sea walls, railway embankments and bridge abutments.

Railway products such as pre-cast sleepers and rural products including water tanks and stock troughs are also available.

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