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Humanomics provides solutions to reduce workers compensation costs

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article image Workers Compensation and Manual handling injuries

Workers Compensation is a big issue. Companies are looking at all solutions that will help reduce workers compensation costs.

One tried and tested way to reduce workers compensation claims is to employ the right person for the right job every time. Humanomics partners with companies to ensure that you minimize the risk of pre-existing injuries and, therefore, minimize your workers compensation payments.

Reducing workers compensation claims is not a matter of luck; it is part of a planned recruitment and ongoing assessment process. 

Humanomics is committed to supporting industry in reducing the costs of workers compensation.

Manual handling:

Poor manual handling techniques means lost productivity, sickness payments and even workers compensation claims.

Manual handling needs to be explained regularly to your staff. Humanomics are specialists in manual handling training. Sanjiv Parmar, at Humanomics, is one of the states premier trainers in manual handling. Do not leave it until you have a back injury on site. Deal with manual handling right away.

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