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Human Jigsaw - Job opportunities increase in forklift industry

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Human Jigsaw  report that after a very difficult 2009, where many companies within the forklift industry had to downsize their employee numbers, 2010 has started on a more positive note with a number of forklift companies having a number of job vacancies.

These job opportunities have come available due to a combination of : 

  1. Companies who weathered last year reasonably well are now positioning themselves to be in a prominent position as the market continues to recover. These companies understand to gain a competitive edge they must have the best people on board now and not in 2 or 3 months time. 
  2. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Some companies are now realizing that they reduced employee numbers too far and are now struggling to maintain customer satisfaction with their present staff levels. 
  3. Due to the lack of positions available last year there were a percentage of people who took ‘stop gap’ positions. That is, people taking roles which were not their ideal jobs and knew they would move once the market recovered and ideal job positions became available. This is now happening.
Another key area which is starting to affect forklift companies is the availability and affordability of qualified service technicians. The industry, unfortunately, will return to a position where is it near impossible to find good service technicians unless they search overseas, develop via apprenticeships or pay large monies to attract from competitors or the resources industry.

Some senior managers have realized to obtain the best employees and have their companies structured to obtain the most from the emerging market that they need to act now and start employing people now.

As a specialist recruitment consultant within the forklift industry a number of these proactive forklift companies have engaged Human Jigsaw to find them the relevant staff.

There are presently great job opportunities for:

  • Business Development Managers
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Service Sales Representatives
  • Field Service Technicians

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