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HMD 908SC drill - flexible, reliable, and versatile

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Lineup holes quicker and easier with the new Swivel Base HMD908SC drill from Hougen Manufacturing . No more trying to pin point the pilot before energizing the magnet. Just get the pilot close to your hole, energize the magnet. Then use the swivel to line up your pilot. Uses a quick one stroke handle for locking and unlocking the swivel. Works great for horizontal and overhead drilling.  

A Portable Machine Shop

The HMD908SC drill is lightweight, compact, powerful and versatile making it an ideal drill for general fabrication. Designed for the down and dirty job of making holes, it uses Rotabroach Annular Cutters for 38mm (1-1/2") x 50mm (2") cutting.  

Hex Arbor

The HMD908SC drill is assembled with a hex drive spindle mounting, for fast and easy changeout of drill arbor and accessories. The male hex mates to the drill arbor and is held in place by two set screws. To disengage the arbor, loosen the set screws and pull the arbor away from the motor spindle.  

Hougen Safety Features:

  • The HMD908SC drill includes the Hougen  safety switch indicator system. It tells the operator when the lift sensor is engaged, making the drill operational.
  • Rear positioned controls are easily accessible & ergonomically designed.
  • Feed handles can be switched to either side.
  • The HMD908SC drill includes a carrying case, wrenches and a pint of coolant.

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