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Surface mount Hall effect sensors

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HONEYWELL has introduced the new SS5 Series high-performance, 1st level surface-mount Hall effect sensors.

The robust, plastic package uses an industry-standard ‘gull-wing’ design that makes it less susceptible to ‘solder bridging’ as well as allowing increased circuit board density.

Wide temperature and voltage ranges offer design flexibility and reliability in harsh environments.

Typical applications include automotive comfort, convenience, and speed sensing applications; position sensing and motor control in computer cooling fans, disk drives, and tape drives; and brushless dc motor commutation or motor speed and direction sensing.

Other applications include air cylinder piston detection, liquid or gas flow-rate detection, position sensing, and rpm measurement.

Operating temperature range is -40 to +150ºC. Supply voltage range of the SS51T is 4.5 to 24V dc, while the SS500 operates from 3.8 to 30V dc.

The product is temperature compensated for consistent operation with low-cost magnets. Bipolar, unipolar and latching magnetics are available.

SS5 Series sensors can use existing power supply sources in most applications and can be directly interfaced with many electronic components without buffering or compensation circuitry. Honeywell 1300 363 936.

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