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Honeywell and Tier-3 combine security

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Honeywell and Australian security company Tier-3 have announced they will work together to provide in-house security management and intrusion detection for the SME market in Australia.

The partnership will build on the ability of Tier-3’s Huntsman solution to integrate with physical security systems as well as network products, and aims to enable SMEs to protect corporate data without the need for in-house personnel, according to Tier-3 director Peter Woollacott.

“For the SME, money has been the biggest barrier to an effective level of IT security,” Woollacott said.

“This sector is less likely to have in-house personnel capable of qualifying the proposed solutions, and quantifying the value of whatever service is offered.”

“Every enterprise with connectivity to the external world, a marketing or e-commerce presence, and competitors, need to ensure that they have thought through the issues of securing their data and implemented a policy,” Woollacott added.

Woollacott said Tier-3 is the only business globally to successfully develop an artificially intelligent engine that integrates security management, intrusion detection and attack prevention in a single platform.

Research shows that SME business operators lack the time, finance and in-house expertise to deal effectively with all of the security issues facing modern business, according to fellow Tier-3 director Mike Cullen.

Tier-3 hopes that the agreement with Honeywell will enable SME decision makers to understand and deal with the issues of IT security, Cullen said.

“This understanding will be critical to those hoping to gain new business from large enterprise partners that demand strict adherence to security policies as a prerequisite to a trading relationship,” Cullen added.

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