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VeriPro system from Honeywell Safety Products takes a personal approach to hearing conservation

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Honeywell Safety Products  introduces the new VeriPro system designed to address noise-induced hearing loss issues among workers.

Committed to engineering solutions that facilitate hearing conservation, Howard Leight by Honeywell has introduced the new VeriPro system to assess and monitor workers’ aural health effectively. With the ability to verify earplug effectiveness and provide an ideal opportunity for education, VeriPro is an essential part of a successful hearing conservation program in any industrial work environment.

Developed in conjunction with the House Ear Institute in the USA, VeriPro is a field verification technology that provides an accurate picture of workers’ hearing protection and requirements.

Using sophisticated software, the VeriPro assesses the Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) that an employee receives from their earplugs to verify whether they are receiving optimal protection, require additional training on how to fit their ear plugs, or need a different sized or shaped protector.

The three-part process checks the effectiveness of a worker’s earplug fit in each ear over a range of frequencies, with the results captured in individual reports that can be accessed by the relevant safety manager. The results are fast, accurate and easy-to-understand, with the software able to store historical data for each employee.

Should the PAR indicate that an employee is under-protected or over-protected, the safety manager has the opportunity to refit the earplug for optimal attenuation or select a more appropriate earplug for the noise environment. This enables workers to experience personalised hearing protection, customised to their specific needs.

The VeriPro kit comes complete with CD-ROM software, specially designed interface for users, audiometrically balanced headphones specifically constructed to provide optimal audio output, and an audio processor that plugs into the USB port of the computer to power the system while also serving as an external sound card and headphone amplifier.

The VeriPro system works with earplugs from any manufacturer.

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