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Ultraslim Amplification earmuff product available from Bacou-Dalloz Australia

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Bacou-Dalloz Australia  has launched a new Ultraslim Amplification earmuff product from Bilsom that is specifically designed for the needs of professional and recreational shooters.

Impact Sport amplification earmuffs incorporate high-tech electronics that amplify ambient sounds up to a safe 82 dBA, while at the same time providing 24 dB, Class 4 protection against more hazardous noise.

This allows wearers to stay connected with their environment while their hearing is protected, whether at the range or in the field.

"Bilsom Impact Sport provides users with the best of both worlds," said Stephen Streatfeild, VP/GM for Bacou-Dalloz Australia.

"They allow users to hear what's going on around them--including conversations--while still providing needed protection from loud gunfire. This adds a tremendous safety factor for recreational and professional shooters alike."

Bilsom Impact Sport earmuffs have been designed specifically to meet the needs of shooters and hunters.

The ultraslim earcup is a low-profile design with cut-outs to allow for full clearance of firearm stocks, eliminating interference while shooting. Hunter green earcups provide additional camouflage when in the field, complementing many hunting apparel.

Designed for increased comfort during long-term wear, Impact Sport earmuffs feature a padded leatherette headband that is easily adjustable for a secure, non-slip fit.

A convenient folding design allows easy storage in a pocket or in a belt storage case, available separately.

Snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy and also help extend the life of Impact Sport.

But the key to Impact Sport's success is in its ambient amplification technology. For protection, Impact Sport actively listens and automatically stops amplifying when ambient sound reaches 82 dB.

Sounds below that level are picked up by built-in directional microphones and amplified up to a safe 82 dB, providing more natural hearing and enhancing communication.

Impact Sport also utilises Bilsom's patented Air Flow Control technology to further improve protection.

A specially designed baseplate chamber and high-tech non-woven layer manages the flow of air inside the earmuff to control how sound reaches the ear. The result is better, more consistent overall attenuation in virtually all noise environments.

Bilsom Impact Sport includes an AUX input jack to allow connection to an external MP3 player or other audio device. Internal electronics operate for up to 350 hours with two AAA batteries, and the unit automatically shuts off after 4 hours.

Bilsom was founded in Sweden in 1968 and leads the industry in developing innovative sound management technologies that are used in some of the challenging environments in the world.

Since 2001 Howard Leight has been a part of the Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group.

Combining the innovation and expertise of Howard Leight Earplugs and Bilsom Earmuffs, the Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group is one of the leaders in hearing safety.

Bacou-Dalloz is one of the leaders in the design, manufacture and sale of personal protective equipment, offering a comprehensive range of safety products designed to protect people from hazards in the workplace.

The Group specialises in head protection equipment (eye and face, respiratory and hearing protection), body protection equipment (clothing, gloves and footwear) and fall protection equipment.

With a worldwide presence and over 6,000 people, Bacou-Dalloz endeavours to contribute to ongoing improvements in workplace health and safety by providing innovative, comfort-engineered products that workers want to wear.

The Group’s products are sold through a worldwide network of distributor partners for use in all sectors of activity (construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, homeland security, petrochemicals, medical, public services).

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