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The sky is the limit with Miller horizontal lifeline systems from Sperian

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Working at heights with horizontal lifeline systems has never been easier thanks to the new SkyGrip systems from Miller by Sperian . The horizontal lifeline systems require little effort to install and provides workers with continuous fall protection and horizontal mobility.

Engineered to be attached to a steel or concrete structure and using a unique stanchion style system, the SkyGrip temporary horizontal lifeline (HLL) offers a range of innovative features not commonly available with other systems. 

The modular design with interchangeable bases of the horizontal lifeline systems enables conversion to steel and concrete applications. This makes the SkyGrip horizontal lifeline system the economical solution for companies seeking to maximise investment and increase user mobility and productivity. Miller SkyGrip horizontal lifeline systems feature a unique stanchion adjustment that allows the anchorage to be re-positioned, minimising obstruction and increasing safety. The stanchions are offset from the beam so workers can move freely without risk of trip hazards. As an additional application, the stanchions can also serve as single anchor points.  

The range of unique features such as single person span systems, tension indicator, in line energy absorber, interchangeable bases between steel and concrete applications, durable zinc plated steel construction that is corrosion resistant providing increased durability and service life makes Miller SkyGrip horizontal lifeline systems the product of choice. The compact stainless steel Miller SkyGrip energy absorber was engineered to keep system forces consistent during a fall minimising fall clearance and maintaining low system forces for up to 6 workers on the system for steel and up to 5 workers on the system for concrete applications.

Compact and lightweight, Miller SkyGrip temporary horizontal lifeline systems  are easy to install and store and for increased worker safety and productivity, a quick-grip above-the-beam adjustment allows for easy one person installation and dismantling.

Miller SkyGrip horizontal lifeline systems are suitable for applications such as steel construction, commercial/industrial building construction, precast concrete construction, leading edge deck work, bridge construction and general maintenance.

The Miller SkyGrip meets OSHA and ANSI A10.32-2004 requirements and the requirements set forth in AS/NZS1891.2.

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